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What is the ideal skin care routine?

Do you like things to be minimalistic when it comes to skin care? Don't worry - fortunately, healthy and beautiful skin doesn't require a daily 12-step skincare regimen. The secret? Keep it simple, but effective!

In 4 steps to radiantly beautiful skin

An uncomplicated 4-step care concept with smart formulations forms a solid routine suitable for everyday use. Follow the correct sequence of care steps so that your skin can benefit from the full active ingredient power of the individual products. Well then - get ready!

1. Cleansing

An essential but often neglected step in skin care is cleansing. It forms the basis for beautiful and healthy-looking skin. In the morning, you should wash off sweat, dead skin cells and any product residues from the previous night to start the day with a clear complexion. This is also the best way to prepare your skin for the following care. In the evening, you should remove makeup and skin care products from your skin to prevent blemishes. When choosing your cleanser, make sure that it is gentle on the skin but thorough in its cleansing.

2. Eye care

With an alert and radiant gaze you attract everyone under your spell! It often gives the whole charisma that certain something. The right eye care can help you achieve this. The skin around the eye is thinner, which is why dryness lines usually become visible here first. In addition, the eye area is particularly sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to care for the sensitive area with a special fragrance-free eye cream. Here, you should also opt for a light, non-weighing texture with refreshing, moisturizing and decongestant properties.

Keep it simple, but effective!

Ana Ivanović FOUNDER

3. Special care serum

Specialized care products can take your skin quality to a whole new level. With a special care serum, for example, you can specifically address a particular skin need. These contain highly concentrated active ingredients such as hyaluronic or salicylic acid, which work in the depths of the skin. If you want to give your dehydrated and dry skin a moisture boost, use a hydrating serum before your day cream. Of course, there are also serums that have a targeted pore-refining effect or give you a particularly radiant glow.

4. Daily moisturizer

Complete your basic skin care routine with a day cream. It has special properties that keep your skin glowing and supple all day long. A good day cream not only provides the skin with valuable long-term moisture, but also serves as a protective barrier against various environmental influences. When choosing your day cream, you should pay attention to the right texture. Most skin types are well advised to use a light texture that provides optimal moisture.

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