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Which skincare line is right for me?

Your skin is as unique as you and your needs. That's one of the reasons why many people find it so difficult to find the right skin care line - conventional care lines don't focus on your current skin needs. Customizable skin care concepts offer a solution.

Mix & Match - create the winning team for your skin

Ana Ivanović Natural Performance 's innovative Mix & Match concept allows you to put together an uncomplicated skincare routine that is precisely tailored to your individual needs. It's as simple as it is effective, with no frills and no fuss.

Essential Care

The Essential Care range is the foundation of your daily skincare routine. It includes three simple steps that form the cornerstone of a solid minimalist routine. A gentle but thorough cleansing, a refreshing eye care and a moisturizing day care. Thanks to many powerful active ingredients from nature, the Essential Care range is also the ideal basic care for sensitive skin.

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Special Care

Skin-specific requirements such as dehydrated skin, large pores, first visible signs of aging or a sallow complexion can be specifically improved with a special care. Special products such as serums contain highly concentrated active ingredients that systematically address a specific skin need. The formulas of the Ana Ivanović Natural Performance Special Care line provide your skin with the active ingredients it desires.

Skincare according to skin needs

Your need: Extra moisture

Does your skin need more moisture? If you notice an unpleasant feeling of tightness after cleansing your face, or if you notice the first wrinkles of dryness, you should opt for an intensive moisturizer. Accordingly, choose a suitable special product with hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. This will help you achieve a smooth, plumped-up complexion and a fresh complexion.

Your need: Radiant glow

Does your skin look stressed and tired? Then a special serum will make you glow again! A glow booster in your skincare routine ensures a luminous complexion and a balanced skin appearance. Powerful active ingredients such as antioxidants ensure a revitalized appearance and new energy.

Your need: Refined complexion

Is your skin characterized by enlarged pores, excessive sebum production and impurities? Oily and combination skin in particular can often appear unbalanced. A pore-refining serum that also has a sebum-regulating effect supports a fine-pore skin texture and a silky-matte complexion. The skin's texture is noticeably improved and the complexion regains its balance.

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