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About Natural Performance

For yourself, your skin and your environment! This guiding principle accompanies us through the entire product development. We at Ana Ivanović Natural Performance want to offer people a holistically responsible and highly effective skin care line full of power ingredients from nature. An individual care routine for every skin need - simple and with a clear conscience.

Our concept

Our uncomplicated care focuses on the essentials. That's why we rely on natural ingredients such as plant cells and plant performance water. The smart formulations ensure the maximum effectiveness of our high-performance skincare. All products are of course cruelty-free and come without animal ingredients. We do 100% without PEGs, silicones, parabens and nanomaterials. Due to our innovative process for extracting the plant cells that are the heart active ingredients of our formulations, we can do without polluting fertilizers here. This also allows us to significantly reduce water and soil consumption as well as CO₂ emissions. In this way, we work in the most sustainable and resource-conserving way possible. We want to offer people a transparent, customizable and highly effective care routine. With a clear conscience for your natural beauty.

Without compromise

The entire Ana Ivanović Natural Performance team is sincerely committed to making a tangible contribution to our beautiful planet. That's why we work as resource- and material-consciously as possible throughout the entire product development process. This applies from the selection of raw materials to the packaging material. Of course, we make no compromises when it comes to the effectiveness and naturalness of our skin care. Because Skincare is Planet-Care .


✓ 100 % without animal ingredients
✓ sustainable & fair-trade ingredients
✓ 92 % ingredients of natural origin


✓ maximum efficacy
✓ 0 % nanomaterial
✓ 0 % silicones, parabens & PEGs


✓ with sustainably sourced & fairly traded raw materials
✓ without animal ingredients
✓ with recyclable materials & packaging

Ana Ivanović Natural Performance

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Ana Ivanović Natural Performance

The demand for performance and effectiveness runs like a thread through Ana Ivanović's life. It was her recipe for success as a professional tennis player and continues to define her life after her active sports career: lead a sustainably physically and mentally healthy life, be satisfied and do good for the planet. Full power, no frills, and always mindful of the environment and sustainability.

In her personal search for a highly effective and intelligent skincare line that also offers uncomplicated solutions for a wide variety of skin problems and all skin types, Ana decided to develop her own beauty products. And so, after an intensive process, the sports legend's first skincare line was born: Ana Ivanović Natural Performance - natural, effective and responsible.


We love the planet and show it in all our product development - from raw material extraction to packaging.


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