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Active ingredients

When it comes to active ingredients, we rely on the power of nature. That's why we use at least 92% natural ingredients in our formulations - sustainably sourced, fairly traded and vegan.

Natural ingredients

sustainably sourced

Low water consumption

and maintains soil diversity


vegan and animal free

No fertilizers

and less biowaste

Bio-active plant extract

Aloe vera plant extract full of power active ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides:

- bio-active moisture retainer
- maximized effectiveness of the formulation
- extraordinary spectrum of action
- soothing & cooling
- 100% natural

Bio-active plant cell

Bio-active plant cells from orchid, papyrus and mango are nature's high-performers and the star players of our care:

- maximum plant-based spectrum of action
- highest number of active molecules from nature
- targeted addressing of specific skin needs
- high-technology combined with the power of nature
- 100 % purity & sustainability

Fair trade vegetable butter & oils

Socially responsible and fair trade vegetable butters and oils for perfectly balanced care formulas:

- rich in vitamins, minerals & amino acids
- perfectly balanced care effect
- caring, protecting & nourishing
- certified fairtrade ingredients
- ethical & fair sourcing programs


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