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Papyrus Pflanzenzelle

INCI: Cyperus papyrus leaf cell extract
Contained in
: Cleansing Powder, Eye Cream, Daily Moisturizer
Effect: moisturizing, regenerating, protective

Papyrus impresses in skin care with a triple moisturizing effect. First, papyrus supports the skin's moisture stores by retaining water in the epidermis. Second, the papyrus plant cell promotes natural and balanced surface hydration. Third, it counteracts transepidermal water loss. Papyrus also boosts cell renewal and strengthens the protective function of the skin due to its antioxidant effect. The bio-active papyrus plant cell is cultivated in the laboratory at Ana Ivanović Natural Performance, which guarantees the highest purity of the ingredient as well as eliminates the need for pesticides. In this way, we actively support the preservation of soil diversity and avoid superfluous organic waste. The water and energy consumption required here is also significantly lower than with traditional processes.

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